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Based in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia we provide technical services in the fast-growing sectors of optical fibers, gas and telecommunications.
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What are Optical Fibers?

Optical fibers:

  • are made from plastic or glass
  • have a diameter of less than 10μm
  • transmit digital data (telephony, internet, etc.) in the form of light

A fiber optic cable contains tens or even hundreds of very thin strands that are smaller in diameter than a hair.

Optical fibers allow for the transmission of light signals at longer distances and higher speeds compared to other forms of signal transmission, such as copper.

What are the advantages of optical fibers?

  • Low energy requirements since they use light beams, which require far lower energy consumption than electrical signals.
  • They can transmit a huge volume of data at once, compared to copper cables.
  • They are far thinner and lighter than copper cables and therefore require much less space for the creation of a fiber optic network.
  • Data transmission is very fast.
  • The data travelling through these optical fibers are less vulnerable to interference.
  • Data are transmitted digitally, thus allowing for faster coding-decoding of data.
  • There is almost zero data loss.